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News headlines from the BBC.

The News Channel displays the top news stories from the BBC. Using a direct feed we offer you the most up to date News from the UK and around the world, from the world’s most respected broadcaster.

The News Widget allows you to choose the number of stories to display and on which subjects. You can also disable images if you have a slow connection and wish to speed up your homepage.

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    Fatal bin lorry crash investigated Detailed investigations at the scene of a fatal bin lorry crash in Glasgow are due to resume at first light, police say.

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    Internet crashes in North Korea North Korea suffers severe internet outages, days after the US accuses the country of being behind a massive attack on Sony Pictures.

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    Northern Ireland talks continuing Talks between the Northern Ireland political parties are continuing at Stormont, with Tuesday morning set as a deadline for agreement.

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    Sydney bids farewell to siege dead Sydney remembers the victims of the Lindt cafe siege, with the funeral of manager Tori Johnson and a memorial service for barrister Katrina Dawson.

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    Carlisle in hospital after accident Clarke Carlisle, the ex-Professional Footballers' Association chairman, is in hospital after being involved in a collision with a lorry.

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    Van driven into shoppers in France Ten people are injured as a van is driven into shoppers at a Christmas market in Nantes, officials say, with reports the driver then stabbed himself.

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    E-readers 'damage sleep and health' If you curl up under the duvet with an ebook for a bedtime read then you are damaging your sleep and maybe your health, US doctors have warned.

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    Council pothole repair cash listed The money allocated to local authorities in England to tackle potholes and improve local roads is announced by the Department for Transport.

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